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Companies are always looking for ways to improve their performance. To stay ahead of their competition, companies must continuously bring out the best in themselves. Measuring and improving performances is key; accurate Control Information is vital.

But what exactly is Control Information? Where does it come from and why do you need it? The experts of OceanBI gladly show you how Control Information can benefit your organisation.

Why do you need Control Information?

We can distinguish between three levels of Control Information. Operational Control Information is the least complex, and is usually linked to the executive part of your organization. Tactical Control Information consists of more complex data sets that often use hierarchies, such as OLAP, to create more depth. And finally, there is Strategic Control Information – the highest level. Data on this level must be available for assessment and evaluation from all possible angles. Strategic Control Information moreover requires the highest measure of integration and visualization. It may seem simple, but it can be extremely time-consuming to generate this information.

When used correctly, this information can contribute to more effective decisions on all levels, increase learning ability, and improve results. Control Information not only increases efficiency and contributes to a higher return, it also stimulates knowledge development and motivates your staff.

OceanBI realizes the right Control Information on every level.

Accurate Control Information extraction is vital to your [performance management]. But where do you find the information you need? How can you prevent drawing the wrong conclusions or spending too much time on finding that data?

OceanBI’s strong business intelligence solutions make it easy to extract the right control information. Our methods are simple, modular and can easily be adjusted to the needs of your organization – now and in the future. Do you want to know more about our business intelligence solutions? Do you have questions about our systems or are you looking for tailored advice? Contact our team. We know how to bring out the added value in your information.

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