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OceanBI focuses on swift insights and results. After all, results are worth much more than a stack of reports. And successful results always form a solid foundation for a cooperation that enables utilization and reinforcement of any interconnected expertise.

How? In 6 steps:


First we get to know each other and focus on your company’s specific situation. We map your needs and expectations.

Fact-finding mission

By stocktaking your organisation’s specific needs we can start a fact-finding mission. We then use the results to determine constraints and success factors.

Analysis & Diagnosis

When we have come up with a feasible solution, a specialist carries out an analysis and diagnosis. We always use a standard method for this: A short process that gives us the insights we need to offer you a useful recommendation. The solution is outlined.

Solution & Recommendation

In a clear and transparent quotation we offer you our solution and recommendations. We can implement the solution for you, with you, or with a certain partner, or perhaps you want to implement it yourself. If you decide to let us implement the solution we’ll provide you with a clear and reliable estimate of hours we can vouch for.

Implementation & Support

Thorough preparatory work and a clear assignment result in a detailed and careful realization of the solution offered. We use standard methodologies and work in small teams to minimize time-consuming meetings. Let’s get to work and transfer knowledge. We work on location to create short lines and guarantee a commitment and professionalism that fits your company culture.

Evaluation & Aftercare

We provide continuous on-the-job information on the status and progress of the assignment. We carry out an essential evaluation and provide aftercare services on completion. The results are accompanied by solid agreements that guarantee continuity and scalability.

Is Business Intelligence an unknown
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DDM Studio

With DDM Studio for SQL Server building a data warehouse is accelerated by a factor of four. Moreover, the result is transparent and predictable, TCO reductions of at least 50% are a proven result for all projects.

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