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Data creation often involves the creation of metadata. Metadata is information that describes the characteristics of other information: data about data. This may seem rather confusing, while in fact metadata can clarify matters – it provides you with an insight into your business intelligence and makes it easier to keep your processes in check.

Unfortunately, many organizations have a traditional view on metadata. They consider it to be a passive product of their primary processes. As a result Metadata Management is often limited to storage, thus restricting metadata usability. Wouldn’t you rather benefit from your metadata and exploit the opportunities it has to offer? OceanBI shows you the advantages and helps you structure your Metadata Management.

What is the purpose of Metadata Management?

There are various types of metadata and they all have their own function. For example, structural metadata relates to the design and specifications of data structures, while descriptive metadata exemplifies the contents of individual information. From service quality to production outputs – metadata leaves you well-organized. Without proper Metadata Management, data steadily loses value, splits into fragments, becomes outdated, and is no longer in line with your products, services and processes.

Active Metadata Management can prevent this from happening. Both types are therefore very valuable to your organization. Metadata Management improves findability of key figures and helps you to better understand them. It clarifies how added value is created within your organisation, pinpoints potential bottlenecks, and indicates what processes benefit your company the most – or least.

Determining your Metadata Management

Are you looking for a way to organize your business information and keep it up to date? Do you want to be certain your metadata can be used directly and dynamically to support and improve your processes? OceanBI offers you professional optimization of your metadata management.

We listen to your objectives, evaluate your current situation, and design a metadata management strategy that is suited to the changing needs or your company. Want to know more about the benefits of Metadata Management? Contact OceanBI and we’ll arrange a meeting!

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