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Which of your activities generate the most revenue? What business processes are most sensitive to external influences? What does your core business really cost you? And what is the most effective way to reduce these costs?

Organizations want fast and accurate answers to these questions. Fortunately, modern organizations have sufficient data to answer them – and Data Warehouse Management determines whether or not these data can in fact be used effectively.

How can you be sure the value of your data is retained? OceanBI explains why Data Warehouse Management is vital. We help you find the right approach for your organization.

The importance of Data Warehouse Management

Try to think of your Data Warehouse as a filing cabinet. Data Warehouse Management determines how tidy and well-organized your filing cabinet is. High-quality Data Warehouse Management ensures you can always pick the right files from your cabinet, as and when you need them. And since many files are added to the cabinet every day, this is a logical necessity.

After all, companies are constantly producing new data, in many different locations, and at different times. You may not think this information is interconnected, at first, but if you succeed in setting up your Data Warehouse Management in the right way, your Business Intelligence might provide you with some very interesting insights.

Effective Data Warehouse Management solutions

OceanBI offers organizations and companies high-quality business intelligence solutions that enable them to take advantage of the added value that is embedded in their information. We understand you need easy and immediate access to all the information that can make your company more successful. Strong, relevant data visualizations do, however, require a strong foundation. And that is why we never overlook the quality of your Data Warehouse Management.

Are you looking for better ways to store your data? Do you require an expert evaluation of your Data Warehouse Management? Contact OceanBI to make an appointment with one of our experts. Let’s work together to find the right Data Warehouse Management solution for your organization.

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DDM Studio

With DDM Studio for SQL Server building a data warehouse is accelerated by a factor of four. Moreover, the result is transparent and predictable, TCO reductions of at least 50% are a proven result for all projects.

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