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OceanBI specializes in Information Management and Data Warehousing. We strive to approach complex challenges in a practical way and focus on delivering quick insights. We use proven methodologies to get the results you need while minimizing expenses. We are honest, consistent and committed to the challenges your company is faced with. Even before our clients give us the order, we feel it’s our duty to reduce complexity: if it’s easy in theory, it has to be easy in practice.


OceanBI is an innovative organisation focusing on the automation of general information management processes and specific data warehousing solutions. Our innovation methods are based on our unique ability to utilize metadata management and adopt (development) methodologies that have been proven in practice. A combination that enables us to realize super-fast results, while limiting risks through best practices.

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DDM Studio

With DDM Studio for SQL Server building a data warehouse is accelerated by a factor of four. Moreover, the result is transparent and predictable, TCO reductions of at least 50% are a proven result for all projects.

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