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Software development has many buzzwords. From Agile methodologies, such as Scrum and DSDM, to other development paths like Lean and Lean Six Sigma – there is a wealth of project methods to choose from and they all seem to have their own, unique advantages. Scrum, for example, concentrates on a flexible, holistic development, while Lean focuses on the prevention of unnecessary steps in the development process. How do you decide what approach fits your business intelligence processes best?

OceanBI looks beyond Scrum

Methodologies such as Scrum and Agile may vary on paper, their starting points are not that different in practice. More flexible development, faster realization, increased efficiency through self-managed teams – every project method more or less has the same goals. A successful implementation therefore strongly depends on the mind-set of the team adopting that particular method.

Instead of copying external project methods such as Scrum, we at OceanBI decided to develop our own methodology, based on the efficient way of working we have gotten used to. We have been working this way for years and are still finding ways to further simplify our processes – not from a predefined intention to apply methods such as Scrum, but based on our own mind-set, mentality and motives.

A inherently efficient mentality

Fast project methods may produce wonderful results, but can never replace a fast and versatile mind-set. OceanBI has a simple view on IT development: we focus on the results. Every day we ask ourselves the following question: is our way really the smartest, fastest way? If the answer is yes, we continue in the same vein. If the answer is no, we immediately adjust.

It is a simple method, yet one that makes us, as developers of information management solutions and business intelligence structures, very flexible and manoeuvrable – even without formal methodologies like DSDM or Scrum. Efficiency is not what we strive for, rather it is a defining precondition of our existence.

Are you curious about the results of our approach? Do you have questions about or services? Then don’t hesitate to contact OceanBI. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

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