DDM Studio

What does Dynamic Data Modeling stand for? Data Warehousing made easier. With DDM Studio for SQL Server your data warehouse can be set up 4 times faster. And what’s more, the results are transparent and highly predictable – practice-proven TCO reductions of at least 50%, in all projects.

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Information management

Your company creates information – every day, with every process. To keep you in control of this resource, OceanBI offers you a modular Information Management system that builds the strength of your Business Intelligence. This way, your strategy ingredients are always within reach.

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What is the best project method? Scrum? Agile? Or Six Sigma? We try to avoid buzzwords. After all, efficient development is the result of an efficient mind-set – not the other way around. That is why OceanBI has a simple, central focus: result. Is there room for improvement? Then we’ll improve. It is our tried and tested approach.

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Business Intelligence by OceanBI

Do you feel you have insufficient control over the information within your organization? Are you looking to gain access to readily available business insights? Does your company appear to be drowning in a sea of data? OceanBI can offer you the Business Intelligence solutions you need.

We place your valuable business process data at your fingertips and offer you direct access to vital information. Everything is intuitively and efficiently structured and geared to the needs of your organization. Underlying opportunities will surface, and you’ll have the room and time to utilize them. Business Intelligence is insight – and we are insight experts.

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The simple significance of Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is not a futuristic concept, nor is it an abstract nice to have. We have been living in the age of information for years now. Information processes are as important as sales, marketing and HR processes. Modern organisations create new information every day. And as the volume of information increases, so does the complexity of that information.

That is why every modern organisation can really benefit from strong, elegant business intelligence solutions. After all, the sooner you control your information processes, the faster you can use them to improve your strategy – and your Business Intelligence can create value for your organisation longer.

OceanBI creates the perfect preconditions. Perhaps Business Intelligence is an unknown concept to your organization. Or maybe your current business intelligence is wanting. If so, it’s time to contact our team. We are happy to help you out.

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